A Message from Our Board Chair,

Dr. Deborah Stark

As the world continues to rapidly change, Ontario Genomics moves with agility and strategic focus to keep Ontario on the map when it comes to technology development and research. Centering their work on the incredible advancements being made in genomics and engineering biology, Ontario Genomics is executing on a vision that sees our province capitalizing on a global technology disruption for a healthier future for all. 

Using a multi-sectoral lens, Ontario Genomics’ four-point strategic vision aims to:

  • Build a world-class, mission-driven one health genomics and engineering biology innovation ecosystem across human health, food and the environment. 
  • Drive applied research, development, and commercialization of made-in-Ontario genomics- and engineering biology-based innovations to create new homegrown jobs and companies. 
  • Develop talent for trans-disciplinary jobs that integrates diverse and multidisciplinary scientific expertise with market-focused business acumen.
  • Engage with key communities to drive adoption of genomics-based solutions and empowering people with an understanding of the positive impact of genomics and engineering biology in their everyday lives

Over the last year, Ontario Genomics has shared in some incredible outcomes. In addition to maintaining an over $365M active projects portfolio, Ontario Genomics raised over $27.4M in funds, securing $210M in follow-on funding. The results go beyond mere numbers on a page. The real-world impact of this work includes over 750 new or retained jobs across Ontario developing solutions that address disease burden, food insecurity and climate change. This includes breakthrough projects to repurpose plastic waste into biodegradable products and creating lab grown fish and meat that can reduce environmental impact. Other compelling Ontario Genomics projects seek to monitor viruses, like COVID-19, in our wastewater, providing critical data for public health responses. 

It has been an honour to serve as Chair for the past four years and a pleasure to work alongside such a dedicated Board. Together with the Board of Directors, I want to commend the entire Ontario Genomics team for your vision, perseverance, and productivity. 

Together we can take the unbelievable and extraordinary and make it the new status quo. 

Advancements are being made daily in genomics and engineering biology. Ontario has many strengths in these areas and Ontario Genomics works hard to make sure we capitalize on this capacity. It’s an exciting challenge, made easier because of the breadth of the Ontario genomic ecosystem and partners such as the province of Ontario government and Genome Canada.