Genomics-Based Applied Research Partnership

What is the importance of applied, dynamic training and education in a genomics and engineering biology-enabled world?

How do we enhance learning opportunities for our students and lead creative solutions for real-world challenges?

This genomics-based applied research partnership opens doors for college students to cross-train using state-of-the-art infrastructure, allowing for opportunities to collaborate and solve the world’s greatest challenges.

Advancing Ontario's Bioeconomy

Now more than ever, we understand the power of genomics to unleash innovations across industries, drive economic growth and improve the quality of life for people in Ontario, Canada and the world.

Unifying genomics-based applied research, education and training across the province, Loyalist College and Canadore College signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Ontario Genomics to seek ways to empower students with new and enhanced work-integrated learning opportunities to apply to real-world genomics-based business challenges.

The three partners will work together to spur industry-led applied research opportunities in genomics-related fields for the purposes of advancing local and regional economies and the overall global competitiveness of the participating industry partners. The overall goal of this partnership is to foster a thriving bioeconomy across Ontario.

“Our partnership with Canadore College, a leading Canadian college in the field of genomics, and with Ontario Genomics and its network, aligns perfectly with Loyalist College’s Bio Economy & Agritech cluster of programs and applied research. The synergies we create across the natural products and medical cannabis sectors and related industries will benefit regional employers and contribute directly to the economy. By sharing expertise, knowledge and research data, we’ll collectively provide students with invaluable work experience, while allowing them to contribute directly to innovative projects.”
–Dr. Ann Marie Vaughan, Former President and CEO, Loyalist College.

Loyalist College brings programming in advanced biotechnology and applied research capacity for key industry sectors to access facilities and expertise to improve innovative products and processes. The experience of Canadore College and its commitment to enhance applied genomics research through their state-of-the-art laboratory facilities will increase productivity and catalyze new product development.

“This collaboration with Loyalist College and Ontario Genomics supports Canadore’s firm direction for our applied research initiatives. It will enhance our students’ learning opportunities and lead to creative solutions for real-world challenges. We are a solution-focused institution, and our specializations in biotechnology and functional genomics will open the door to cross-training opportunities for students and employees, as well as opportunities to collaborate on applied research. We are pleased to be collaborating with these two institutions on this important work.”
–George Burton, President and CEO, Canadore College.

Together, with the resources and province-wide network of Ontario Genomics, businesses in the province will benefit from the opportunity to accelerate the development of their products or services through genomics-related lab to market advancements.

“Genomics and engineering biology provide an opportunity to reimagine the global economy in times of crisis and beyond. We are thrilled to be working with two strong colleges devoted to using genomics to advance Ontario’s bioeconomy to provide a competitive advantage for Ontario companies.”
–Dr. Bettina Hamelin, President and CEO, Ontario Genomics.